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Tom Robenolt
Tom is an award-winning Filmmaker, Director, Cinematographer, Editor, and Colorist.
After graduating from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh's Digital Media and Film Production program in 2011, Tom began his career in the Video department at Deluxe Digital Studios.  While working full-time at Deluxe Digital Studios for clients such as Universal, Sony, HBO, and more, Tom founded Point Five Films.

As Point Five Films grew, Tom took the leap in 2018 to leave Deluxe Digital Studios and focus on Point Five Films full-time.  Since then, Tom has continued to grow the company and work alongside other professionals in the Filmmaking community on outside projects.

After completing his short film, "Whistle to the Maples", in 2022 where he was the Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Sound Designer, and Colorist, Tom toured the Independent Film Festival circuit for the first time.  This networking and exhibition of his work eventually lead to Tom being hired as the Cinematographer, Editor, and Colorist on the documentary, "George A. Romero's Resident Evil".

Tom continues to learn and grow with the changing landscape of Film Production and is ready to work with you and your brand to take your project to the next level.
Travis Fatchaline
Travis was the Founder and Owner is TF Media.  Specializing in Music Video Production, he helmed many projects over the years for many different musical artists.  In 2022, Travis brought his experience and expertise in this field on board with Point Five Films.

Always fascinated by movies as a young child, Travis grew up being immersed in film.  If he wasn’t watching movies, he was diving deep into how the films were made.  He was finally able to put his dreams and aspirations into action after saving for months until he was able to purchase his first video camera.  For many years after he continued to learn how to write scripts, draw story boards, and make movies.


Travis realized he wanted to turn his passion into a career.  He attended the Pennsylvania College of Technology, graduating in 2018 with his degree in Mass Media Communications. Post graduation he founded TF Media and continued making music videos for a large variety of artists.  In 2022 he officially joined the Point Five Films team bringing his knowledge and skills with him.

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